Alain Boublil

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Alain Boublil is a Tunesian and started his carriere in 1973 with
"La Révolution Française". After seeing "Oliver!" in London he and Schönberg had the idea to compose a musical about the great novel
LES MISÉRABLES from 1978 till 1980.
In the year 1985 they brought "The Wretched" with the help of Cameron Macintosh whom Alain Boublil had met two years ago while he was working at the musical "ABBAcadabra" (about the band ABBA) to the London West-End! A few months ago there was the 3 800th show.
This musical which has been produced in 21 countries (in 15 different languages) is owner of the GOLDEN EUROPE- MUSICAL OF THE YEAR 1996, one Grammy-Award and two Tony-Awards (New York).
MISS SAIGON was their second successful musical. Today the modern MADAME BUTTERFLY is performed in London, Tokio, Toronto, Budapest, Stuttgart, Sydney and also in many other US-american cities.
After the London premiere of MARTIN GUERRE they are producing movies of MISS SAIGON and -of course- of LES MISÉRABLES.
to be continued ...

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