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1st Act

Prisoners on the chain gang - "Prologue"

Cornelia Drese
FANTINE (Cornelia Drese) - "I dreamed a dream"

Hartwig Rudolz
JAVERT (Hartwig Rudolz) - "Stars"

David Jakob
GAVROCHE (David Jakob) - "Red and Black"

COSETTE (Debby Dutcher) & JEAN VALJEAN (Jerzy Jeszke) - "One Day More"

2nd Act

The barricade
Students - "Building the barricade"

Little people
ENJOLRAS (Martin Berger) and JAVERT (Hartwig Rudolz) - "Little People"

Jean Valjean
JEAN VALJEAN (Jerzy Jeszke) - "Bring Him Home"

Tom Zahner
THÉNARDIER (Tom Zahner) - "Dog Eats Dog"

The final
MARIUS (Felix Martin), COSETTE (Debby Dutcher) and company - "Epilogue"

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