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Deutsche Seiten
Musicals: The Making of....
The title sais it all. This site is about the making of all the popular musicals.
Die Sanni-Seite

A very comprehensive site about Sanni Luis (the former German Fantine). You will find up-to-date informations about her CDs, her appearances on TV or stage, current appointed times...

Englische SeitenEnglische Seiten
Biographies about the actors of Les Misérables
Center Stage Interesting site round "Les Misérables", "Martin Guerre", "Miss Saigon" and "La Révolution Française".
Cameron Mackintosh Official site of the Cameron Mackintosh Ltd. concerning the musical.
LesMiz-Kids-Page A site about all the young Gavroches and Cosettes of LesMisérables.
The Barricade Of Revolution

A lot of pictures and sounds from LesMisérables with Anthony Warlow.

The Ultimate Les Miserables Page
A fansite with pictures, lyrics, a quiz...
Philip Quast Special
(Nihongo jiyuu-ni naru desu !)
A website with a special about Philip Quast. A Japanese version is also available.
Die Barrikade an der Rue de la Chanvrerie A good fansite.

Stella Musicalwaorld

Other musicals

Die letzten Tage Very interesting school production of a musical leaned on "Jesus Christ Superstar" with new songs and completly German lyrics!
This site offers a lot of RealVideo, RealAudio and MP3 files from the show. An Audio-CD is also available.
The Power Blows!
A website about the New York broadway production.
Rennt Schoolproduction of RENT.
Musicals for Dummies (zur Zeit Offline) All what you ever want to ask about musicals but never dared to aks. :-)
The Laurie Beechman Website A website about Laurie Beechman, played Fantine for 6 month in 1990.
Little Demeter's CATS Fanfiction
A CATS fanfiction site.
GAUDI A website about "GAUDI" and "Saturday Night Fever".
Really Uselful Company
The official site of the "Really Useful Company" (Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Joseph, Starlight Express...)
Miss Saigon The official site about "Miss Saigon".
Walt Disney The official Walt Disney website.
If you have a lot of time you can search this site for "Lionking". It is hidden somewhere between all the toons.
Die Vereinigten Bühnen Wien
In the past "Die Vereinigten Bühnen Wien" shown sorts of well known musicals like "LesMisérables", "Elisabeth", "Mozart!", "Dance of the vampires (Tanz der Vampire)" in German first nights.
Jekyll & Hyde Bremen
The official site of "Jekyll and Hyde" the masterpiece of Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse.
Roman's Jekyll & Hyde Page A out-of-date fansite about "Jekyll and Hyde".
Chicago The Musical
All about the musical Chicago
Misunderstood Lyrics Here you can find over 200 funny "missheards" from about 60 different shows.
Tanz der Vampire German fansite about "Dance of the vampires (Tanz der Vampire)".
The witches of Eastwick The official witch site.
The Phantom of the Opera The official site.
Musicalrevue Extensive site that offers a musical database with a survey of all the componists and their works.

common sites

Musical-Shop An internet shop with a lot of musical products.
Playbill The popular magazine.
EUR.COM A database with musical CDs


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