The 1998 movie

This is the official poster of the movie.

And this is...

The cast

VALJEAN - Liam Neeson
JAVERT - Geoffery Rush
FANTINE - Uma Thurman
MARIUS - Hans Mathesons
COSETTE - Claire Danes
BEAUVIOR - Reine Bryonols

Rumours about story- and character-modifications:

For several years Alain Boublil and Claude-on a cinema-version of their both musicals "Les Misérables" andM. Schönberg are working "Miss Saigon". Now on the 31. march 1998 a noble casted movie about the life of Jean Valjean with Liam Neeson, Clare Danes and many others will be shown in the cinemas in europe. However on the basis of some changes in the story and the characters giving offence to the fans of the novel and the musicals we have to make it plain that this is NOT the filming of the musical !!
I have collected some speculations from around the internet:

An unknown scene

- Fantine and Valjean have a loveaffair (!)
- Enjolras does not exist in this story; Marius is the leader of the students
- Claire Danes was said in an interview to have no interest to make the movie.
- The movie ends up with a final confrontation of Javert and Valjean on the banks of the river Seine.

Don` t be sad, Cosette!`


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